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My Success Story

 Adina Creative Food by Adina Brunetti

Adina Brunetti


Adina Brunetti is the founder of AJMB Hospitality, one of Miami's largest hospitalities promoting restaurant projects. She is also the creative director at Adina Creative Food, a hospitality consulting agency, and AB 27 Group.


The company's portfolio includes successfully developed and promoted restaurants and bars, as well as local and international special events. The company's projects and participants have received numerous prestigious awards and prizes in both U.S. and international ratings.

The task of Adina Creative Food is to open restaurants, cafes, bars, coffee houses, help in creating and promoting hospitality businesses. Before starting work, we thoroughly analyze the market, take into account the characteristics of the premises in order to create the most demanded establishment, draw up a business plan and come up with a unique concept.

In addition, we regularly carry out diagnostics of restaurants that are already in operation. This is a detailed analytics, identifying problem areas and optimizing work.
We are engaged in professional recruitment, we have an extensive database of restaurant professionals.


Our Mission

Our mission is to make your dream of becoming a successful restaurant owner come true! 


Hospitality business is a beautiful business. Nice interiors, nicely served food and drinks, nice people: both staff and visitors. But like any business, it has to be also financially successful! Me and my team specialize in providing a full range of services for the restaurant business: selection of venues, development of a concept and business plan, preparation of project documentation, decor, construction and finishing works, equipment, selection and training of personnel.

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