Casual Restaurant

Restaurant Strategy & Creative Concept

A restaurant concept is what your new restaurant will be like. The concept is created even before the design work begins. Without a concept, it is impossible to give clear terms of reference for the technologist and designer, it is difficult to understand the amount of investment and the return on investment of the project. 

Marketing of the project

Analysis of the premises / site;
Determination of a promising target audience;
Analysis of the competitive environment, determination of the market niche;
Positioning of the restaurant on the market: type of establishment, price category, type of cuisine and service, interior features, competitive advantages;
Working menu (kitchen and bar) with indication of cost price, trade margin and outputs;

Planning Solutions & Technology

Conceptual layouts of the restaurant: production, premises, administrative, office and warehouse premises, patio seating;
Arrangement of equipment and furniture;
Planning electricity, water, sewerage;
Arrangement of seats, taking into account the zoning of the place;
Staffing, management structure;

Financial Planning, Price Strategy

Determination of the average check in different time periods;
Projected sales volumes;
Fixed cost plan;
Investment plan;
Profit and loss plan on a monthly basis.

Creative Idea

The idea of ​​the restaurant, conceptual content.


Marketing training & Consulting:

Happy Hour ideas;

Digital Marketing, Social Media