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Your Restaurant: Exceptional Customer Service

It is very important to understand the difference between what we offer our customers — that is, a certain set of services — and the process of delivering those services.

The topic of restaurant service is more popular today than ever. We talk about service with all sorts of epithets like “excellent” or “amazing”. But if we want to really get it, then the first thing we must understand is that genuine service can only be sincere.

From The Author

Adina Brunetti highlights such topics as:

  • Is the customer always right?

  • What is exceptional service?

  • Customer experience design

  • The concept of sincere service

  • Customer journey map

  • Service standards and their implementation

  • How to motivate staff

  • Conflict resolution and working with customer complaints

  • Online reputation and social media

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Modern Restaurant Kitchen


A Solved Problem Becomes effective Communication. By answering guest complaints, you immediately shift from a "bad guy" to a "normal dude."


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The task of Adina Creative Food is to open restaurants, cafes, bars, coffee houses, help in creating and promoting hospitality businesses. Before starting work, we thoroughly analyze the market, take into account the characteristics of the premises in order to create the most demanded establishment, draw up a business plan and come up with a unique concept.

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