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Digital Marketing. Your Restaurant Website. Tips from Adina Brunetti

Digital Marketing. Your Restaurant Website. Tips from Adina Brunetti
Digital Marketing. Your Restaurant Website. Tips from Adina Brunetti

Your website needs to be functional and easy to navigate for two reasons. First, potential customers only know what they find on the Internet, so the design and functionality of your website is critical to creating a positive experience. Second, flexible design, easy navigation, and high-quality content are essential if you want your site to be one of the first on the search page.

Today, websites need to be optimized for mobile phones. This is called responsive design, and it means that your site fits perfectly to every screen and browser. Large buttons that are easy to press on small phone screens help your customers to book a table and order food. If your site loads slowly or stops working altogether, then you will lose some of your customers.

Placing your menu on your website and other platforms is also important. Your menu is your most important marketing tool, so enhance it with attractive photos and good descriptions, and don't forget about menu design techniques to increase sales.

You can also use electronic signage to display your menu, special offers and other additional information on large screens for your customers to check out during dinner. Broadcasting this information in real time helps ensure a better response.

SEO marketing

Your organic marketing may take a while, but it will generate a steady stream of customers. The key to success is creating an attractive online presence. Do this by optimizing your content on your website for search by following the recommendations of Google and other search engines. Google is the most popular search engine, so most restaurateurs are Google-optimized.

SEO on other pages involves posting information about your restaurant on social media, restaurant review sites, business organizations, coupon companies, and local media. Organic marketing is free, but there are still some costs involved in creating and publishing fresh content, exploring the Internet, and building leads.

The following steps will help you get more traffic and start getting more orders on your website:

Mentions about your restaurant, backlinks

Citations are lists, mentions, and links to your website on other sites. Online directories include page listings, general business directories, browsing sites like Yelp, Google Maps, and local media like newspapers, city magazines, etc.

Local digital marketing organization

There are many local marketing opportunities available on the Internet. You can use GPS technology to invite nearby customers for breakfast, lunch and dinner with your promotions. If the name of your restaurant is published on the Internet listings, it will increase the flow of regular customers and tourists. Local marketing is a great way to promote specials, happy hours, dishes, restaurant events such as tastings and important celebrations. Also, with digital marketing, you can promote your restaurant within local office buildings.

Creation of advertising campaigns in social networks

The first step in promoting your restaurant on social media is choosing the most popular platforms. If you primarily serve business customers, then LinkedIn is your best bet. Using Facebook and Instagram is great for almost all types of restaurants because there you can find your key audience, post photos and videos of your meals, and write engaging content that your customers can share.


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