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Interview with Adina Brunetti

Interview with Adina Brunetti
Interview with Adina Brunetti

Miami has long fallen in love with restaurants developed by Adina Brunetti for their excellent cuisine, cozy interiors and a special atmosphere. Today she shared with us her knowledge of the restaurant business.

There is a popular opinion that people come to restaurants not for food, but primarily for emotions. Is it difficult to manage visitors' emotions?

One should strive to create their mood. Life in the restaurant is always changing, and the guests are very different. Each of them must be worked with in order to understand and take into account their requirements. Only then will it be possible to create a comfortable environment for people so that they would like to come back.

Why is the Adina Creative Food betting not on fashionable places, but on creativity and innovations?

We have long been faced with the fact that the concept of "fashionable place" is relevant only for a short period of time. Fashionable people come, stay in one restaurant, and then leave for another trendy place that has opened few days ago. But I would like people to come to us all the time, and we would delight them with the novelties of our menu. I think many people like it when there is stability, constancy mixed with creativity. I like this approach much more.

How would you describe the most successful restaurant concept?

The combination of price and quality. The price should be adequate, the quality of the products should be excellent. And of course, the atmosphere of the establishment.

How do you manage to maintain the atmosphere of luxury, but at the same time, democratic establishments in your restaurants?

All this is achieved by communication. Of course, people want to be in a beautiful place with beautiful dishes and good design. This is also very important. But when you add good cuisine and pleasant communication to this, then you manage to maintain exactly the atmosphere that you are talking about. Each of us lacks communication, so we try to talk with our clients. For example, I myself always personally communicate with guests - I really like it. I believe that there are no trifles in this business. If you don't live in a restaurant, then nothing will work.

What do you think is the most important thing when opening a new restaurant? Is it design, layout, cuisine, or something else?

First of all, you need to develop the concept in as much detail as possible and convey this idea to the team members. You also need to clearly understand the audience this restaurant is targeting. This is very important for a successful restaurant opening. Everything is important - even restaurants, theaters, cinemas, which are located in the neighborhood. Still, I am convinced that any restaurant starts with an idea and with the people who will work in it. Because if you have good staff with the right approach to work, then its energy will fill the institution itself. Naturally, you need to constantly work on other components of a successful restaurant - the image, its style, cuisine. Everything matters: the furniture, the location of the restaurant, the decoration of the dishes. We think over every little thing very carefully when preparing for the opening of a new place.

What do you think of the restaurant's “expiration date”? After all, it is believed that after some time people just get tired of going to the same place.

I do not agree with this statement. In any case, we have never encountered anything like this. I know for sure: so that visitors do not lose interest in the restaurant, it is imperative to periodically rebrand it - to change the interior, the uniform of the waiters or even the waiters themselves. Which is what we do. Because people always want something new. Therefore, for example, we update the menu every six months or even season. You always need to arouse interest, create some kind of intrigue so that people, having come to a restaurant once, come back here again and again.


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