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Renovation & Rebranding

What if the restaurant is already out of date or simply does not deliver the expected income? The situation can be corrected by rebranding, that is, a complete redesign of the establishment. The redesign applies to all aspects of the restaurant's activities: design, quality of cuisine, staff work, brand, and advertising. The rework can take from a month to three, depending on the scale of the tasks and the size of the restaurant itself.

Before starting work, we carry out preliminary diagnostics of the institution, identify shortcomings and weaknesses that need to be corrected.

Restaurant rebranding, main stages:

1. Carrying out preliminary diagnostics.
2. Solving the main problems:
  • staff training

  • social media

  • new brand identity

  • new marketing plan;

  • new design concept

  • new menu concept

  • pricing policy

And then your restaurant will work the way you dreamed of. The business will be fun and profitable!
Adina Brunetti: Renovation & Rebranding
Adina Brunetti: Renovation & Rebranding
Adina Brunetti: Renovation & Rebranding
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