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Restaurant Marketing

Today's successful restaurants use both free and paid advertising to promote their online business. Digital marketing is becoming extremely important as people often use their smartphones to find nearby bars and restaurants, as well as to browse menus and read reviews. Customers use their phones to reserve tables, place an order, or deliver food. Digital ads are also used to recruit staff, build customer loyalty, and promote your restaurant's brand.

Adina Brunetti: Restaurant Marketing


Your Search Engine Optimisation may take a while, but it will generate a steady stream of customers. The key to success is creating an attractive online appearance.


Google is the most popular search engine, so most restaurateurs are Google-optimized. 

Social Media Advertising

The first step in promoting your restaurant on social media is choosing the most popular platforms for your target audience. If you primarily serve business customers, then LinkedIn is your best bet. Using Facebook and Instagram is great for almost all types of restaurants because there you can find your key audience, post photos and videos of your meals, and write engaging content that your customers can share.

Website and Online Menu

Your website needs to be functional and easy to navigate for two reasons. First, potential customers only know what they find on the Internet, so the design and functionality of your website is critical to creating a positive experience. Second, flexible design, easy navigation, and high quality content are essential if you want your site to be at the top of the search page.

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