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Adina Brunetti: Turn Key Restaurant

Turn Key Restaurant

Adina Brunetti knows how to start a successful restaurant business! Many years of experience will help make your establishment profitable and enjoyable. After all, a restaurant is not just a business. That is the fulfillment of your dreams. Delicious food, a lot of creativity, and joy from the happy faces of the guests. And pride in front of friends and partners when you invite them to your establishment.

Adina and her team will help you open hospitality business from scratch, from the selection of a suitable premises to the grand opening. 

Adina Brunetti: Turn Key Restaurant

STAGE 1: Preparation

1. Search for location, diagnostics of premises or land. We help you find a suitable venue for a restaurant, analyze your location. 

2.Creative concept and business plan of the restaurant.

The concept is the format, the pricing strategy, and the style of service and design. All this should meet the needs of your future guests. The concept in our execution is a precisely calculated and grounded idea, supported by financial calculations and marketing research.

STAGE 2: Project & Planning

1. Technological project, 3D Visualization

2. Design & Decor of the restaurant

More detailed visualization; details.

STAGE 3: Marketing Strategy

1. Naming and Branding

2. Trademark registration

3 Selection and training of staff, top managers and cooks

4. Supervision of repair work

5. Menu development

6. Assistance in equipping the restaurant

7. Restaurant promotion, digital marketing strategy

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