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Your Restaurant: Creation, Transformation, and Promotion

Have you thought about opening a new restaurant or rebranding your existing establishment? It's time to get serious about leveling up! This book will help restaurant owners and managers of any experience level to rethink their business and realize their full potential! 

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Adina Brunetti highlights such topics as:

  • Creating a concept a new restaurant keeping new trends in mind

  • Creating a menu, pricing, and restaurant markup

  • Restaurant layout and interior from a marketing standpoint and common mistakes to avoid

  • Hiring and training restaurant staff

  • Local marketing and brand marketing

  • Latest Social Media and digital marketing tools

  • Customer loyalty tools

2020 showed us that our predictions are so often meaningless. We may often feel that the world itself has gone mad! The restaurant business is no different from other industries, perhaps with even more complexity. New book by Adina Brunetti provides clarity on your restaurant's desired end product. It gives step-by-step instructions to achieve harmonious results that encompass your unique perspective. 

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Modern Restaurant Kitchen


"If you want to do business, love your business and convince yourself that you are doing everything right. And be a little adventurous."


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The task of Adina Creative Food is to open restaurants, cafes, bars, coffee houses, help in creating and promoting hospitality businesses. Before starting work, we thoroughly analyze the market, take into account the characteristics of the premises in order to create the most demanded establishment, draw up a business plan and come up with a unique concept.

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