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Adina Brunetti Judges at Education Fund 

Adina Brunetti returned for the annual Education Fund event, The Taste of Education. This year, the celebration was dedicated to recognizing the 2022-2023 Teacher Champions and celebrating the hard work of students from over 25 Public Schools' culinary programs in Miami-Dade county. Gourmet bites were prepared by trainee student chefs, who were judged by celebrity chefs and industry leaders for a chance to win thousands of dollars. The Education Fund, founded with the mission to prioritize educational excellence, is dedicated to helping children learn and grow in order to be successful in life.

Adina Brunetti was invited to be a judge for a second time due to her extraordinary background in Hospitality. Her zealous devotion to learning and her tireless commitment to the public made her the ideal collaborator for the Taste of Education. She was appointed to guarantee that the time spent at the function was both enjoyable and significant for the children and other participants alike.


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