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Delivery in New Realities. By Adina Brunetti

Adina Brunetti
Delivery in New Realities. By Adina Brunetti

Many restaurateurs now see delivery as the best way to make money in the future. In my opinion, that would only bring profits to those who have been on the market for some time and those with streamlined operating processes.

What if you are new to delivery?

Calculate! First you need to understand what resources are available. Perhaps you have good communication with guests, a CRM system is set up, and you just need to reach an audience loyal to your business. You know where to get, for example, fifty orders a day. For this number of orders with an average check of $30, 27-28% falls on food cost and losses, 3-5% - on packaging, 5% - on the salary of an operator, about 15% - for kitchens payroll, another 15% - for logistics. In that case, you need to take two or three couriers. If orders arrive unevenly, and your clients are used to the quality of the service - either you deliver on time, or you have no repeated orders. And the cost of a new client varies from $6 to $30, that is, you do not earn money on the first order.

Marketing spendings is another 10%. The cost per click rises due to the oversaturation of content on social networks. You need to stand out. And what remains? Less than 25% on uncontrolled expenses: rent, maintenance and other fixed payments.

Thats why to begin with, you need to weigh everything and assess the strengths: the guests base, the brand recognition level, the team, the location.

Can everyone handle the delivery format?

Since the quarantine started many restaurant owners have “played” with the delivery. Someone continues to do this, someone considers delivery as a business and approaches the processes consciously, while someone has already closed the project. The first to give up were restaurants that decided to develop delivery only through aggregators: with such a generous offer and reduced commissions, why not give it a try? But, having received five to seven orders a day, many have cooled down. Uber Eats service doubled the number of visits to their app in the first week of the quarantine. Sign up - and you are already in the app. Here is your menu of ten items, but no photos. And photographs of dishes are one of the tools of communication with a client. No photo - no sales.

I am in favor of working with such apps, but there is no need to wait for miracles. The results do not depend on the apps only, but on the activity of the restaurant.

Delivery is being transformed and will reach a new level. Let's start with sales on your websites. You can have any flexibility of using online menu, accepting orders and payments. Big amount of orders in the U.S. are still made by phone, cost for such an order is $0.50 - $1.

I am sure that delivery will gain momentum in the future. I observe growth of my clients from 50 to 100%. We were ready for an increase in demand for delivery, and therefore focused on

on the creation of new solutions, including online ordering systems for the websites and new marketing tools.


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