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Adina Brunetti: Does Your Restaurant Have Wedding Venue Potential?

Adina Brunetti: Does Your Restaurant Have Wedding Venue Potential?
Adina Brunetti: Does Your Restaurant Have Wedding Venue Potential?

There are three key factors that future newlyweds consider when choosing a restaurant for a wedding:

  • cost

  • venue's atmosphere

  • the possibility of personalization (how much you are ready to adapt to the wishes of customers)

How do you convince them to spend their special day with you? Do your best to satisfy their desires. What do future newlyweds want the most when planning their wedding?

The number one desire for most brides and grooms (and especially their parents) is to make a lasting impression on the guests. Make it cooler than everyone else. Unique and unusual. So that conversations about their wedding would not subside for at least another six months. A year even!

Help them do this and get the desired effect: rave reviews and word of mouth.

Wedding Menu

Usually the wedding menu is made according to the preferences of the bride and groom. But do not forget about the main desire - to surprise and impress guests. There should be dishes on the wedding table that people don't usually eat in their daily life. They don't have to be expensive delicacies.

You can surprise not only (and not so much!) with the ingredients, but with the form of presentation. For example, instead of classic toasts, you can serve rolls of thin crepes with caviar. Instead of regular salads - various canapés and portioned snacks. As a hot dish, again, something that guests do not eat every day, even if it is cooked with the usual products.

When discussing the menu with the bride and groom, focus on the fact that this or that dish will impress the guests, that thanks to the unusual dishes, their wedding will be talked about and remembered for a long time.

Recommend them an unusual wedding cake. One that will take attention of all smartphones cameras. If the bride and groom have different sweets preferences, you can make a two-piece puzzle cake or a cake consisting of portioned cakes.

Ballroom Decoration

You can create your own decor that you will use for all weddings at your restaurant. Smart design can be the factor that makes couples choose your restaurant for their wedding from a variety of options.

If a couple is planning a wedding of a certain theme or in a clearly defined style, it is better to put everything in the hands of the bride and groom, and let them involve professional decorators in the process, who decorate the room the way the heroes of the occasion want.

The opportunity to do everything to your liking is an important moment for those who know exactly what atmosphere they want to create at the wedding. Having deprived customers of this opportunity, you are more likely to simply send them to look for another place.


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