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Preparing a restaurant for the New Year's Eve. How to Decorate. Tips from Adina Brunetti

Preparing a restaurant for the New Year's Eve. How to Decorate. Tips from Adina Brunetti

If you are thinking about hosting a party at your venue on New Year's Eve, it is a good idea. More and more people prefer to celebrate the New Year's Eve outside their homes, and the most popular options are restaurants and bars. Therefore, the task of the owner and manager is to present their establishments beautifully, where the New Year's decoration of will help first of all. Beautiful decor creates the right atmosphere and influences the mood of the guests.

How to decorate a restaurant for the New Year

Some restaurant and bar owners think that the restaurant's New Year decor is too expensive and unlikely to pay off, but this is not true. Yes, a lot depends on the budget, but also on the goals. If the task is simply to decorate the hall or entrance in an original way, then this can be done at minimal cost. And designer decor in one ensemble with the interior, staff clothing, dishes will certainly cost a lot, but all these decorations can be used next year.

Additionally, you can think of an entertainment program for your loyal guests who want to celebrate the New Year in your restaurant. Two weeks in advance, you can print booklets with the program and prices, put them on the tables, bar and in the lobby. Advertise in social media. You can also equip the stage for the show, if the size of your room allows it. And this is the rental of sound, light and the services of a presenter, cover band or DJ.

Decorating a cafe for the New Year requires a plan that depends on the goals and wishes.

Decoration of the restaurant entrance

The New Year's mood begins precisely from the entrance, therefore, it is desirable to decorate the facade of the building at least superficially. Then you can continue decorating in the hall. This is again a necessary minimum: tables, walls and staff clothing.

Nice decor isn't necessarily expensive. Passers-by and potential guests are attracted by light and bright lights, so you can hang LED garlands on the windows, and decorate the doors with bows and cones. Do not forget about the New Year decoration of the restaurant hall.

All decor must be selected depending on the level of lighting in order to favorably highlight the design elements. There doesn't have to be a lot of decor. To create a cozy and intimate atmosphere at the tables, you can separately install LED lamps as sources of point light.

Attractive light decor

The main focus should be on lighting design. Beautiful New Year's illumination attracts the attention of passers-by.

Elements of LED bar decoration

Most often, LED elements are used to decorate a bar for the New Year and create a festive atmosphere. How and what can you arrange with them?

- The windows and the facade are decorated with ordinary garlands.

- Light rain in the form of a luminous canvas looks great on building facades from any distance.

- Ribbons and flexible light cord are used to create brighter and more visible compositions.

- Transparent cords are suitable for imitation of trees, bushes.

For the interior decoration of the bar, you can choose more affordable light garlands with a low level of protection against moisture.

The most popular LED designs:

the curtain;




flexible neon.


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