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Restaurant Startup Mistakes 
You Need to Avoid

Adina Brunetti
Restaurant Startup Mistakes 
You Need to Avoid

The traditional hospitality business just seems simple. Young restorers will eventually comprehend the ABC of the industry. However, it is worth starting with the simplest steps that will help to avoid some of the difficulties that arise on the way to your success.


Success and profitability of your business largely depend on the place where the establishment is located and the characteristics of the premises. I often hear aspiring business owners say: “We found a room and we did half the job. Now we'll come up with some kind of concept - and that's it, you can open a restaurant ”. Better to act from the other end: first develop the concept, and then look for a suitable location. If you open a restaurant “in the wrong place”, then guests simply will not come to you or they will not be enough for the investment to pay off.

Here's what I would advise to pay attention to when choosing a place for a future restaurant:

• analyze whether it is suitable given location for your concept, whether your target audience is present in it;

• check whether the room is visible from the street - whether people will see it while driving or passing by;

• note the presence of a parking lot or at least a place for its construction;

• evaluate transport interchanges: how convenient it will be for people by their own car;

• find out what establishments and businesses are already present in this territory;

• compare the neighboring business with your concept in order to understand whether the planned establishment will be appropriate in the given location.


Most often, the mistake with the concept is that people create a restaurant “for themselves” or “for the soul”, focusing only on their tastes and preferences and at the same time forgetting about the analysis of the market, trends, and the situation around.

To get started, research restaurant trends, study the situation in the industry, consult with experts. Your idea and vision does not necessarily have to be a failure. However, it is very important not only to follow the desires, but also to take into account the existing realities.

You can also try yourself in the restaurant business becoming a franchisee of a project close to you in spirit and concept. This will help you avoid mistakes and start your business under the guidance of experienced restaurateurs. Another plus of the franchise is the already formed competitive advantage.

Competitive advantage

Competitive advantage is perhaps the most difficult, but at the same time, a necessary link in the restaurant business. You need to create something that no one can repeat, something that will distinguish your establishment from other restaurants, make it more attractive to guests.

Management team

Particular attention should be paid to the selection of managers for the management team of the future restaurant. Each of them should be competent and experienced enough so that, if possible, difficulties and in critical situations quickly find the right decision.

By the way, you can open a restaurant with a partner who already has his own restaurant business, or at least experience in this area. Another reliable option is franchising.


Due to inexperience, a starting restaurateur skips some important steps, does not see the problems that must be paid attention to in order to create a successful project and not to lose investment. First of all, you need to draw up a business plan, understand the structure of expenses, assess the necessary investments, correctly determine the potential

al the premises and the concept that will fit into it.


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