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Ways of Decorating Banquet Tables, by Adina Brunetti

How to Decorate Banquet Tables, by Adina Brunetti

The luxuriously or nicely decorated tables on a special event attract the eyes of all guests, being the main element of any banquet. Sitting over gentle flowers or graceful fabric decorations, guests should feel special, hosts should feel proud. At the same time guests should be able to see others and communicate with each other. That is why the choice of decoration for the main table is the most important moment of preparation.

What can be used to decorate the tables?

Flowers - fresh and fragrant or more durable artificial

All kinds of fabrics

Lighting, no matter what you prefer - an antique candelabrum with real wax candles or a canvas of flickering LEDs

Other cute decorations, be it stones, fruits or rose petals


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