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Why to Hire a Restaurant Consultant

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Why to Hire a Restaurant Consultant. Adina Brunetti
Why to Hire a Restaurant Consultant. Adina Brunetti

New restaurants open every year, but many just as quickly cease to exist. Low profitability is a fairly common problem. At the same time, there are many quite successful examples that managed to achieve not only constant profit, but also popularity among visitors.

This difference in results is due to:

  • poor business intelligence at an early stage in the first case

  • lack of detailed development and implementation of the concept

Restaurant consulting specialists, whose profession is the creation of successful catering enterprises, carry out a huge amount of work. The right staff, and as a result - profitable, the business plan of a restaurant involves more than just comparing estimated costs and benefits. It takes into account the location of the future establishment, the clients it is targeting, popular hours and traffic, types of dishes that are more profitable to sell there, the design of the establishment, and much more. If the project is developed in bad faith, no investment will help it.

The practice of restaurant consulting is widely used in the U.S. at the stage of creating a new business, and in an acute crisis. Very often, the owner who successfully keeps her own establishment afloat cannot cope with unprofitable situations that could not be warned in advance. It is in such cases that it is recommended to contact the restaurant consulting specialists.

Restaurant consulting involves a number of different market studies. Based on all kinds of analyzes, a business plan, marketing strategy, plans for reorganizing the restaurant's work and much more are drawn up. The purpose of the consultant's work is to draw up a work plan for a new or already operating establishment, which will allow to quickly enter an effective mode of work.

It is very difficult for the owner of a restaurant to carry out the necessary research on her own; here they take into account many overlapping factors. Experts who are professionally engaged in restaurant consulting have a deeper understanding of all areas that affect the resuscitation of the restaurant business.

As with the creation of a new restaurant, the acquisition of a ready-made business can also require the participation of professionals. Taking the business out of stagnation, increasing income from the enterprise - to achieve such results, a high-quality and well-thought-out work plan is required. Adina Creative Food by Adina Brunetti is ready to develop such a plan and provide assistance to the owners of the restaurant business.


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