Your Restaurant: Creation, Transformation, and Promotion

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Your Restaurant: Exceptional Customer Service

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 Adina Creative Food by Adina Brunetti

Adina Brunetti


Adina Brunetti is the founder of AJM Hospitality Group, one of Miami's largest hospitalities promoting restaurant projects. She is also the creative director at Adina Creative Food, a hospitality consulting agency, and AB 27 Group.


The company's portfolio includes over 70 successfully developed and promoted restaurants and bars, as well as local and international special events. The company's projects and participants have received numerous prestigious awards and prizes in both U.S. and international ratings.

Our Services

Interior of Restaurant
Strategy & Creative Concept Development

The concept of your hospitality business is created even before the design work begins.

Restaurant Signboard

Complex and ever-changing hospitality marketing concepts for your business

Modern Restaurant Kitchen
Turn Key Restaurant

Let Adina create your new restaurant concept, business plan, marketing, and staff training.

Modern Restaurant Interior
Renovation & Rebranding

What if your restaurant is already outdated or does not deliver the expected income? 

Rescuing Your Business

Mixing our design, food, business expertise with creativity to help turn old restaurants around in a short time. 

Unique knowledge, brilliant life hacks, powerful digital marketing support, real tools and business opportunities, as well as advice and recommendations from experienced entrepreneurs and experts - all this will help pump your business and take you to a new level! 

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